Lactation Consultant

– Credit cards are required upon booking (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

You are authorizing me to save your card in your file and use it to pay the following fees:

  • Late cancellation or no-show fees 
  • Co-Pay, co-insurance, deductibles or services that are not covered or denied. 
  • Non-covered services
  • Fees for non-covered patient 

-I am an In-Network provider with TRICARE, they cover up to 6 in-home visits!

– I am also In-Network with Aetna insurance! Most Aetna plans will cover up to 6 visits 100%. 

– Some Aetna and other insurance plans have a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance payment. Call your insurance company to see if any of these costs will apply to you. When speaking with them use reference codes: s9443 and 99344.

– I also accept most PPO insurance as well as UHC (HMO and PPPO). Read more in “Do you accept health insurance”.

-Payment is due upon booking your appointment with all other insurance companies. Superbills will be provided for reimbursement. 

-If you need to cancel or reschedule

 (I understand things happen!) please do so 24 hours in advance or there is a $50 late cancellation fee that will be charged to your card on file. 

– I am an In-network provider with TRICARE and Aetna. Most Aetna plans will cover visits 100%! (*see more below) I also accept most PPO insurance plans and now UHC (HMO and PPO)!


CLICK HERE To see if you can get approval from your PPO insurance company or UHC for lactation visits!  

-For all other insurance companies I am an out-of-network provider. All costs for services will need to be paid upon booking an appointment. 

-BUT I will provide you with a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement!

-According to the Affordable Care Act breastfeeding and lactation support should be covered by insurance companies. 

– To know if your insurance will cover either full or partial reimbursement for a lactation consult, you can call their customer service before our appointment.

* I will attempt to pre-verify your benefits with Aetna and Tricare, but I cannot guarantee coverage or benefits. You are responsible for knowing  and confirming your own lactation benefits and confirming that I am in-network provider on your specific plan and if there are any restrictions or limitations to your benefits.
 If your policy applies a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible, you will be responsible for paying these charges. I am legally obligated to bill you for these charges. Some Aetna plans require a referral or precertification. I recommend you check with Aetna to see if this applies to you. If your claim is denied by Aetna because the services require a referral or precertification and it was not obtained prior to our visit, you will be responsible for paying these services out of pocket. 

– I will send you the consent forms and health history for you to fill out. That way I can get a good idea of what you and your baby need and we can get started right when I arrive!

-Make sure to have your pump ready if we are using it and a list of any questions you might want to ask during our visit. 

– Don’t worry about a messy house! I won’t even notice!

– Make sure baby hasn’t eaten within an hour of my arrival, this way I can assess a whole feeding. 

-If there is a friend or family member you want to be present during the visit they are more than welcome to join us!

– We will discuss your birth and health history and any issues or concerns you may have. 

– I will do a physical assessment of you and your baby, then observe a feeding.

– From there I will assess your positioning, latch, and make recommendations as we go along. 

-We will talk about any questions you may have and make a plan that fits your needs!

– Payments include messaging throughout your breastfeeding journey! I am here for you and want you to be successful! 

– Click the link  Book Online here to see my schedule and available appointments. If you do not see the time or day that you need, You can call or text me (229)292-9119 and we will try to figure out a time that works best for you!

– For same day or weekend appointments, an extra fee may apply. 

-YES! Just send me a Text, Call or Email and we can discuss how I can help you.



– My service area includes: Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook, Carlsbad, Bonsall, Vista, San Marcos, and Encinitas ( all within a 20 mile radius) 

– Other areas I will visit outside of my service area include: Temecula, Poway, Del Mar, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Murrieta, and Miramar and others! I do have a surcharge ($75) for traveling to these cities (which would be anything outside of my 20 mile radius). 

– Virtual and Phone Appointments are also available wherever you are! 


-Before booking send me a message or call about discounts. 

– Virtual appointments ( Telehealth) are an option when you live to far for me to come see you. They are great for asking questions about breastfeeding and lactation. Whether its a prenatal visit, pumping consult, or feeding concerns, video chat is a way for us to connect. 

Virtual appointments have more convent times such as weekends and nights available upon request. 

Since I cannot physically exam you or your baby that does limit what I can do. But Telehealth can be a valuable resource! 

I use a HIPPA secure platform for all virtual appointments. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Call or Text (229) 292-9119

Email me: milkywaylactation@whitehouseibclc.com 

-Make sure you have access to the internet.

-Find a comfortable, well lit spot to sit, have your pillows, breast pump nearby. 

-Make sure your device is positioned properly or have someone there to hold your  device for you. 

-Try not to have any distractions or background noises.

-Make a list of questions you have before the appointment starts.