Tips For Breastfeeding Success

Milky Way lactation


  1. Place baby skin to skin with mom for at least 1 hour after birth 
  2. Keep baby skin to skin whenever possible (also helps maintain infants temperature) 
  3. Recognize when your baby is ready to eat. (Sucking on fists, rooting, sticking out tongue) 
  4. Breastfeed your baby on demand 
  5. Do not give your baby pacifiers or any artificial nipples when trying to establish breastfeeding 
  6. Provide your baby with only breast milk unless medically indicated 
  7. Sleep in the same room as your baby
  8. Delay the bath after birth for at least 8 hours
  9. If separated from infant, start hand expressing and/or pumping within an hour after delivery
  10. Get your partner involved!

Milky Way Lactation