Tips for making bath time more enjoyable!

Some babies love the bath and everything about it! Others, not so much.. Here are some tips and tricks for making bath time a better experience for everyone! 

  1. Using a bath seat for babies is a great way to make bath time easier, especially when your baby isn’t able to sit up yet. 

  • Try putting a towel in the drier for a few minutes before the bath. 

  • Have the warm bath water ready before undressing your baby and placing them in the bath.

  • Gently pour warm water over your baby’s body, then with a wet wash cloth, (no soap!), clean your baby’s face. Try to keep their head/hair dry. 

  • Now use an infant shampoo/body wash to clean your baby’s body. (Baby shampoos are made for babies sensitive skin and will also prevent stinging if it happens to get in their eyes) Rinse your baby with warm water. 

  • Now take your baby out the bath and dry them with the warm towel. 

  • When baby is all wrapped in the towel, take them over to the sink to wash their hair with the baby shampoo and rinse! (A day at the hair salon anyone?)

This is the technique I use when I give babies their bath for the first time in the hospital (and what I did when my babies were tiny). Washing their hair last, while they are all dry and snuggled in the towel, helps them stay warm. I also like washing their hair in the sink because I can keep the soap and water from running into the babies eyes. Not to mention, they all seem to really enjoy it. 🙂